(Pdf and My Recorded Audio )

💕 When you have “high self-worth “ you create high frequency,  energy, and vibrations . 

💕When you have high frequency, energy and vibrations ...this attracts your twin towards you and you get into faster 3-D physical union.  

💕 A lack of self-worth is caused by an unhappy, toxic , abusive  childhood. 

💕Everything that is learned can be unlearned by taking action steps and healing and re-creating your past. 

💕Practice and implement the “LAW OF ATTRACTION “  for the next 30 days with these affirmations  (Pdf &  My Recorded Audio ).

💕Read or listen to these affirmations twice a day for the next 30 days.

💕A new mindset,  belief system , hobby , conscious awareness is created by doing the same thing over and over for 30 days.

💕You have the power to transform your life

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Self Worth Transformation